Reflect: Humanities Core

My time in Humanities Core is almost over. This course has been an enlightening experience. It has shown many aspects of history that were either missing, glossed over, or presented from a different perspective. The courses differ from high school from technicalities to critical awareness. I saw myself grow as a better student and individual, alongside my peers. I never felt so happy to see an A on my Canvas module than any other A I ever received.

I’m glad I challenged myself to take Humanities Core for the entire Freshmen year because this challenge introduced me to new materials, resources, and perspectives I never thought before. I always enjoyed the lectures, despite the lectures are held at nine in the morning, because it increases my critical awareness and mind in which many of my perceived concepts and notions were re-imagined and oftentimes denounced. I enjoyed the lectures, the educational guidance of Tamera Beauchamp, and being in confident to learn with my fellow peers.

This year for Humanities Core has been eventful, involving the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath effect on the political climate of UCI. I’m grateful that I can take many things from these courses and being able to apply it to my life and my mission. My goal is pursue social justice activism and the various opportunities to educate others about the bigger meaning of being an individual in the United States, and what it means to be racist, oppressed, marginalized, etc.

Thank you Humanities Core for providing this growth.

Thank you, everyone for following this blog.


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