About Me


My name is Nichole Dungo. I am 18 years old who attending the University of California, Irvine (UCI) as apart of the 2020 class and pursuing a major in French, a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies, and hopefully a major Public Health Policy.

My purpose of this blog is to be able to draw connections from my Humanities Core class to anything in the Western culture. Whether it would be food, music, gender roles, or flaws in the American society, I will connect, challenge, and offer an engaging viewpoint in order to show the importances of themes and archetypes in Humanities Core to Western culture.

As opposed to my position and the content of my post during Fall 2016, I will engage in a different position and lens to create a critical discussion using material from Humanities Core and current events, specifically the United States. My aim is to create a serious dialogue (with some lighthearted satirical jokes) about some blemishes in American society.

Progressing from my position in Winter 2016-17, my aim for this blog is based on Critical Rethinking towards subjects and media that have not given proper compensation to the underrepresented and marginalized. I will unapologetically show discontent or discomfort towards simple or common notions that (I and) the United States has normalized. Throughout the satirical jokes and images, the dialogue will be aim to be constructively critical using historical notions (empire & ruins) that transcended from the Colonial era to the Contemporary era. Many of my blog posts will have multiple materials with various points of intersection to emphasize how the simple has a complex history and bigger-than-you-can-imagine significance.

Thank you.